Raffle Ticket for $ 2150 Value offering at "The Campfire Event" @ The Beverly Hills Hotel

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Raffle Ticket for $ 2150 Value offering at "The Cigar Night" @ The Beverly Hills Hotel

Where:  Bar Nineteen12  @ The Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Raffle tickets $50 to win one of the following: The No. 1 Cigar Aficionado rated Humidor in the world , the Daniel Marshall Treasure Chest  $1495,  The official celebratory cigar, the DM 24kt Golden Cigar $300 , Silky Leather Travel Cigar case $250, and a box of Cigar Aficionado 92pt rated Daniel Marshall Cigars  $100. Value: $ 2150

Due to the exclusive nature of this event, tickets are final Sale

No Limit to number of tickets you can buy to increase your chance of winning.