Cash for Clunker, Trade-in Program

Daniel Marshall is offering the opportunity for cigar lovers to upgrade their humidor to a Daniel Marshall humidor, considered by many to be the “Rolls-Royce” of humidors and rated the No. 1 humidor in the world — “A” by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

 Inspired by the very popular nationwide program, “Cash for Clunkers,” where people are able to trade in their used cars in exchange for a cash voucher to apply toward the purchase of a new car, Daniel Marshall is offering a similar program for cigar luminaries interested in trading in their “clunker” humidor for a new Daniel Marshall humidor. Every year we hear from cigar lovers, “How I would love to trade up and get a Daniel Marshall.”

By popular demand, we are offering this rare chance for you to own a Daniel Marshall humidor that will become a most cherished heirloom as well as keep your cigars in optimal condition with a lifetime guarantee. Trade in any desktop-sized humidor and receive a $100 voucher that can be redeemed for one of three humidors, listed below. Each humidor will be from our Mint-Flawless Signature Collection and have the Daniel Marshall nameplate on the keyhole and inside the humidor.

Here is what to expect when you order the Cash for Clunker Trade in for a brand new DM Humidor 
1. Pricing shown is net price, with the $100 credit voucher for the "Clunker" you will send to us or for your video showing us what you will do with your "Clunker" when you replace it with your new humidor. 

   2. We will email you the Federal Express shipping Label to send your            "Clunker" to us, or you can email us a short video of what you will do to your "clunker" when you get your new DM. If you send us your video, no need to send in your "clunker" 
3. We will prepare and set aside your new DM Humidor and will ship to you once we receive your "Clunker". 

Thank you for participating in this popular offer. Please note these are all Mint Condition , flawless DM Humidors, displaying the DM Name plate.  

Best Regards,

Daniel Marshall Team


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