DM 24kt Red Label Golden Torpedo set of 5 in Precious Burl Desk-Travel Humidor

  • $1,495.00

DM Historic Humidors are investments and have broken auction records for charity. At the DiCaprio Foundation Fundraiser in Monaco, one of his humidors sold for 750,000 Euros

A signed copy of our book 38 YEARS will be included with this rare cigar collection 

Tasting Notes on the Daniel Marshall 24kt Golden Cigar

The world’s ultimate celebration cigar, The Daniel Marshall 24kt Golden Cigar. This cigar has taken on a life of its own, appearing in films, hip hop music videos, gifts for graduation, weddings, birthdays and has garnered the attention of some of the worlds most discerning cigar lovers. President Clinton on a recent trip to London, purchased on the DM 24Kt Golden Torpedo’s from a famous London Hotel. When we heard this story, we were impressed that a President, who gets many items as gifts, decided to buy on of these rare cigars. They are offered in some of the worlds most legendary and esteemed cigar merchants from London to Dubai to Asia.

The taste profile of the Daniel Marshall 24kt Golden Cigar is smooth, rich and with a hint of sweetness from the marriage of the aged tobacco. The taste is elevated due to each cigars humidor aging of the cigar since 2011, with the wrapper, binder and filler blended with the finest leaf aged since initial harvest in 2006

Daniel Marshall Cigars stand out 

  Only the world’s finest tobacco from year 2011 rolled into the DM Cigar

  DM Humidors age the rolled cigars a minimum of 1 year prior to release, and in the case of the DM 24kt Golden Cigar, 4 years of Humidor aging.

  Daniel Marshall’s unrelenting commitment to obtain the best quality for nearly 4 decades and peak experiences in every cigar.

The Daniel Marshall Golden Cigar Story

Linking 4th generation Tobacco broker and cigar maker, Manuel Quesada of the Dominican Republic and the most famous single farmer, Nestor Plasencia of Nicaragua’s vast expertise in this marriage of blending styles and traditions creates a World cigar recognized by tobacconists on all the continents.
With these legendary cigar blenders they bring to the Daniel Marshall

Cigar the best of the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Balance, subtlety, elegance, finesse and richness define the DM Cigars.  Elegance and finesse from Manuel’s Dominican Republic style of blending with the body, depth, chocolate and espresso flavor profile from Nestor’s Nicaragua. Because of the pure gold leaf, the full flavor of the vintage tobacco can be savored, accentuating the sweetness and richness of each leaf.

The Golden Cigar when enjoyed leaves all the gold on the ash of the cigar, creating a golden ash. Tobacco burns at approximately 600 degrees and 24kt pure gold has a melting point of 1200 degrees, so the gold does not burn or melt, creating a special “Golden Moment”.


6 1/2 x 52

Nicaraguan Puro

DM Red Label Cigar Aficionado 92 point rated Box-Aged year Cigar 

All Red Label Box-Aged Cigars have a minimum aging period of 1 year after rolling

This cigar collection was created in 1997 and made its debut in Cigar Aficionado • Issue Date: September 1, 1997 Size: Double Corona with a 92 point Rating

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