THE DM CIGAR ENHANCER / RESPECTER GOLDEN CUTTER AND LIGHTER GIFT SET "Since 1982" Spanish Cedar "Keep it Lit" & "Enjoy the Modern Day Campfire" Cigar Enhancer

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Honor and pay respect to the world's finest cigars and the artisans that create them by using these Spanish Cedar Spills made from 30 year old Spanish Cedar we have had in our factory. "Taste the Difference". A Limited Edition DM XXXVIII Anniversary Golden Cutter with unique serrated edges is included as well as a "Since 1982" Torch Lighter displayed in a DM Gift box.

Daniel Marshall created this piece for the DM Campfire Collection 2022 to give the perfect cut and light to the historic XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar that @carloscarlitofuentejr of @arturofuentecigars made for him to celebrate the brands 38 Years

  • No cedar will have the aroma of this 3 decade old wood. Light in Luxury, the most elegant way that will enhance the experience and taste of the world's finest cigars 
  • Spanish Cedar Wood Spills("7  x 1/2") 30 per DM Tube
  • Material: 100% All Natural Grade A Premium Spanish Cedar Wood Spill
  • Burned at perfect temperature: to not char your best cigar like those torch lighters, plus no bitter chemicals in your cigar from regular lighters or matches.
  • Enhances taste and flavors: These enhance the delicate flavors of the world's finest tobacco. 

30 Spanish Cedar Cigar Enhancers in each Tube

Branded with one of the two Daniel Marshall's trademark quotes. 

165mm x 29mm

Daniel Marshall Limited Edition 38th Anniversary Golden Cigar Cutter 

This special cutter features a serrated stainless steel cutting edges and was created by DM at the suggestion of Carlos Fuente when he was in the Dominican Republic working on the 38th Anniversary Cigar that Carlos blended for our XXXVIII Anniversary. Carlos said to DM, "I'm making you a pyramid size cigar and now you need to have a 38th Anniversary Cutter to compliment the masterpiece !"

This is the cutter that  DM uses personally 


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