Humidity Stabilizers 67-70%

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Daniel Marshall "Since 1982" Humidity Stabilizers 

To offer options and the best customer experience we are introducing a alternative to our "old school" Humidification system. Customers will now be able to order our Humidors with a new 67-70% +/- 2%  Humidity Stabilizer. This humidification device has now been tested for 12 months and made to our specifications to provide excellent humidification. The DM Since 1982 Humidity Stabilizer can be placed in all of our humidors new and existing, within our cedar sliding wood cover allowing existing customers with our humidors to replace the Daniel Marshall Onyx Humidification System with the new Humidity Stabilizers. 

Each Stabilizer outer packaging food safe and all the ingredients are food safe.

Two Stabilizers are recommended for 60 to 90 days of stable Humidity per 100 cigar size humidor & Four Stabilizers recommended for humidors larger than 125 cigar capacity 

 30 Grams each Stabilizer 

Size: 6.75" long 2.5" wide 0.25" thick

Size in MM: 168 mm long x 66 mm wide

DM Stabilizers range from  67%  to 70% RH with a potential to vary 2% +/-. Humidity is a function of temperature. Temp goes up, humidity levels can go up. Temp goes down, humidity can go down.  The DM Stabilizers feel firm with a softness when they are fully charged. When they expire, they become hard. Store them in sealed zip lock plastic bags and they should have a shelf life of over 2 years. To use the DM Stabilizer do not open white outer package that has the DM logo and markings printed. This white material is permeable and allows humidity to circulate.

Please note: Photo shows two Stabilizers. This listing is to purchase a single Stabilizer


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