DM "Since 1982" Spanish Cedar "Keep it Lit" & "Enjoy the Modern Day Campfire" Cigar Enhancer

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    Honor and pay respect to your finest cigars and the artisans that create them by using these Spanish Cedar Spills made from cedar we have had in our factory for 30 Years. Taste the Difference. 
  • We made these from Spanish Cedar that has been in our California factory for over 30 Years. No cedar will have the aroma of this 3 decade old wood. Light in Luxury, the most elegant way that will enhance the experience and taste of the world's finest cigars 
  • Spanish Cedar Wood Spills("7  x 1/2") 30 per DM Tube
  • Material: 100% All Natural Grade A Premium Spanish Cedar Wood Spill
  • Burned at perfect temperature: to not char your best cigar like those torch lighters, plus no nasty chemicals in my stogie from regular lighters or matches.
  • Enhances taste and flavors: These keep a potent flavor to your cigars.rather than lighting with a typical lighter or torch.The cedar wood gives a natural flavor you'll want to use all the time.

30 Spanish Cedar Cigar Enhancers in each Tube

Branded with two of Daniel Marshall's trademark quotes. 

165mm x 29mm


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