Historic Rock memorabilia - Tiffany & Co " Sterling Silver Walkman 10th Anniversary in Precious Wood fitted case " by Daniel Marshall

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Daniel Marshall Museum Archive #  

Circa 1988


Michael Jackson

Barbara Streisand

Herbie Hancock

Tiffany Sterling Walkman Awarded to The WHO & Autographed Photo Card SW138 This is a limited edition Sony Walkman tape cassette player made in sterling silver plate by Tiffany & Co. in 1989. This particular Walkman, #101 of 250, was given to THE WHO. It comes in its original wooden presentation case with all its extras including a tape cassette 'The Who by Numbers'. The blue Tiffany box is a bit worse for wear but still intact. Included are also photocopies of the letter from Mr. Morita the chairman of Sony to the manager of The Who and the paper award that originally came with the item. A bonus item is an autographed photo post card of the members of THE WHO. This walkman was once owned by John Entwhistle...as seen on Pawn Stars

Historic Rock memorabilia by Daniel Marshall

Rick states right off the bat that old electronics are essentially useless, and that remains true, even if they're unnecessarily covered with luxurious silver by famous jewelry maker Tiffany & Co. Even if they're gifted by famous member of The Who, John Entwistle. While the pedigree on this device may be impressive, the thing plays cassettes. Good luck finding one of those in 2018.

The seller, a woman with wild nails and glasses, was once married to Entwistle, which is how she acquired this illustrious walkman. Sony collaborated with Tiffany & Co. to create these twinkling relics to mark the anniversary of what was basically the original iPod. A cool story for a storied item that went through even cooler hands, but again - cassettes!?

After some impressive haggling (gotta give it to her) she talks Rick up from $700 to $1,250

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