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 Membership Card to Daniel Marshall Campfire Club DMCC

Thank you for joining the Modern Day Campfire.

Upon joining, we will email you your membership number. Please email us your Birthday so we can set up your Birthday Gift. 

After registering you can take advantage of a one time opportunity to purchase any mint condition humidor from our shop at 50% off the listed retail price. (Offer limited to 1 humidor per member and Private Stock Humidors are excluded from this offer)

If you take advantage of this 50% offer, you will receive our mint /flawless DM Humidor with DM Brand plaques. 

We will send you :

- Your numbered Membership card and $124 value of merchandise

- Sampler pack of Cigar Aficionado 92pt rated Daniel Marshall Red Labels (Value $60) Please note this sampler is limited to our Continental USA Members

- Complimentary 24kt Gold Vermeil DM Cufflinks (value $50)

- The DMQ Daniel Marshall Quarterly Magazine (value $5)

- DM Since 1982 Cutter (Value $5)

- DM Since 1982 Lighter (value $4)

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We look forward to see you at the Campfire