Rare "Chess Humidor" by Daniel Marshall Circa 1997

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Daniel Marshall Museum Archive #  30

World’s first Chess Humidor.

Originally designed by Franco Columbu and created by Daniel Marshall as a gift for Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is one of 30 Chess Humidors made .

This unique humidor has be sold at auction to raise money for After School Programs

DM Historic Humidors are investments and have broken auction records for charity. At the DiCaprio Foundation Fundraiser in Saint Tropez, one of his humidors sold for 750,000 Euros

  Reported by Cigar Aficionado 2003

"When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you automatically think…chess, of course. You might not know it, but the bodybuilding, Predator-slaying, Sarah Connor terminating Hollywood action star is a big fan of the strategic board game. A huge fan. So much so that a friend decided to give him a one-of-a-kind gift for his birthday last summer.

Franco Columbu, a fellow bodybuilder and actor, brainstormed with renowned humidor maker and chess aficionado Daniel Marshall to combine the game of chess with another of Arnold's favored pastimes, smoking fine cigars. The result was a unique birthday gift -- the DM Chess Humidor.

The idea was conceptualized from a photograph of the two bodybuilding buddies playing chess. And placed beneath the lacquer in the center of the original board is that very image of Arnold and Franco. The commercial model doesn't have the image; however, cigar and chess aficionados can choose to customize their chessboard humidors with an engraved brass plate placed beneath the right corner square.

The DM Chess Humidor has two drawers. The first opens to reveal a cedar-lined area containing 16 Daniel Marshall Churchills and four Daniel Marshall Robustos. The drawer ideally fits about 25 cigars (or up to 40 smaller cigars). Also included inside the humidified drawer is a hygrometer, a humidifying device and a mounted magnet to hold a cutter. The second drawer, located on the opposite side of the board, has a suede-lined area to hold and cushion the chess pieces. When closed, both drawers are sealed tight with powerful magnets.

The chess pieces are lead-weighted and carved from rosewood/hardrock maple woods. The chessboard is rosewood and maple as well.

Only 30 DM Chess Humidors are available"


Lead weighted Rosewood and hard rock Maple Chess Men.

Circa 1997

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