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Very few of this sold out collection is offered from DM Personal Archives

DM Historic Humidors are investments and have broken auction records for charity. At the DiCaprio Foundation Fundraiser in Saint Tropez, one of his humidors sold for 750,000 Euros

A single cigar from this collection, not the 24 kt Golden Cigar, is offered at the Alpina Hotel Cigar Lounge in Gstaad Switzerland for 450 Swiss Francs (USD $535) See photo of the Cigar Menu with this listing below

Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar

Sets the 24kt Gold Standard with International Rollout
Historic Cigar Recognized by Rolls-Royce and Discriminating Collectors


The Collection

Each Daniel Marshall Limited Edition Desk –Travel Humidor, hand crafted in Macassar Ebony, will contain:

  •  (1) Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente 24kt Golden XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar with 2 grams of pure 24kt gold personally rolled on each Golden Cigar by Daniel Marshall
  • (7) Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente XXXVIII Anniversary Cigars
  • (1) Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar to be enjoyed in the “Virtual Campfire with Daniel”

Each humidor will come with a hand signed commemorative book, “38 YEARS,” a book that chronicles the story of this cigar and of the Daniel Marshall journey from the creation of a thank you gift in 1982 to today.

 To all collectors of this historic cigar, DM will offer a complimentary membership in the DMCC – The Daniel Marshall Campfire Club. Upon enrollment, each member will receive a “Since 1982” Travel Aluminum Cigar Ashtray, Spanish Cedar Cigar Respecter Set with a Golden 38th Anniversary Cigar Cutter that features a unique serrated stainless steel cutting blades, DM Star Motif Torch Lighter as well as valuable benefits and exclusive offers.

View behind the scenes making of the DM XXXVIII by Carlos Fuente and Limited Edition Humidor:


Los Angeles, CA (September 1, 2020)The “Daniel Marshall by Carlos Fuente XXXVIII Anniversary Cigar, Limited Edition 2020” is being allocated to 38 of the world’s top tobacconists and iconic hotels, representing one location for every year since Marshall founded his company. The 116 year-old nameplate, Rolls-Royce has curated this rare cigar collection to be showcased in their elite members club, “Whispers.” The DM XXXVIII for Rolls-Royce experience will include a “Virtual Campfire” with the Founder, limited edition numbering, the addition of a 24kt XXXVIII x Fuente Golden Cigar, complimentary DMCC Membership and an autographed edition of Marshall’s Commemorative Book, “38 YEARS.

Rolls-Royce & the XXXVIII

Membership in the Whispers Club is limited to owners of Rolls-Royce, making it the most exclusive members’ club in the world. The Whispers Club highlights the world’s most rarefied luxury goods and experiences for their owners to enjoy. DM will provide a complimentary XXXVIII cigar for members to experience the nuanced flavors of this rare “Daniel x Carlito Cigar” with Marshall in an exclusive “Virtual Campfire,” an experience never before offered in the cigar world. “I love more than anything when our beloved cigar world is embraced by legendary brands and discriminating individuals as one of life's most cherished enjoyments, a lifestyle and a celebration.” - Daniel Marshall

Limited Edition Numbering

Designed by Marshall and Fuente, each humidor is individually numbered. Number selection of limited edition cigars is also popular with the collection, with known personalities receiving and reserving numbers such as Steve Harvey No. 17 for the day of his Birth, Wayne Gretzky "The Great One" No. 99, Andy Garcia's favorite No. 1, Dr. Dre's No. 12 and Michael Jordan’s No. 23. Marshall is offering for those that order the cigar during early allocation, a special opportunity to choose the number of the piece.  

Cigar History

In speaking on their collaboration, Carlos Carlito Fuente Jr. told Marshall, “I want to do something for you very, very special. I am making a cigar for you, which I do for no one, to commemorate our long time friendship and my highest respect and admiration for you and your story. It’s an honor to be able to participate with you on this special anniversary. I am humbly honored to have been chosen. I poured my heart into every detail, hoping to make you proud. I will give you my best.”

Daniel Marshall visited Carlos Fuente and Ciro Cascella in Santiago, Dominican Republic on March 5, 2020. Carlos and Daniel discussed this masterpiece cigar after their recent visit to Chateau de la Fuente. Carlos mentioned their collaboration together is historic, and suggested Daniel wrap one of the eight cigars in his signature 24kt gold. “Anyone collecting these rare cigars in the special humidor will be collecting history.” said Fuente. Both the cigar and humidor symbolize the best of what the two men have created over their lifetimes.

Works of Art

The XXXVIII is made from handpicked leaf, lovingly cultivated on the choicest acres at Chateau de la Fuente, Dominican Republic. One of Arturo Fuente's Master Rollers, in a special room where the "best of the best" of Fuente's cigars are made, brings to life only 12 of the XXXVIII Cigars a day, making this cigar extremely rare.


Collectors price will range between $1500 and $4500 USD (varies by region).

Regions for Release

The XXXVIII will be allocated in phases across 25 Countries and 5 Continents. More of the world’s most prestigious locations that meet the criteria will be added in the near future.

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