The "Cigar Ark" from the Daniel Marshall Campfire Collection Fall 2022

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“DANIEL MARSHALL HUMIDORS ”- The No. 1-Top Rated Humidor- Score: A and “Best Buy” -Cigar Aficionado.

Announcing the "Cigar Ark" from the Daniel Marshall Campfire Collection Fall 2021. The DM Transparent Humidor holds up to 20 Cigars. A travel, desk, pool & fireside essential.

Daniel Marshall was inspired to create this humidor from a story that was told him at a NYC Cigar Aficionado Big Smoke. A customer came up and told DM that he had a testimonial to share with him about his humidors. He recounted a story during Hurricane Katrina when living in New Orleans he had to evacuate his home and forgot to take his DM Humidor. A week later, after the water subsided he hesitantly opened his home door and dreaded to find his ruined DM Humidor and its precious cargo of cigars. Looking at the table where he left the humidor, the humidor was gone. Then glancing across the room, he spied the humidor sitting on the floor in a corner of the living room. Happy to see the humidor, picking it up and opening up the lid, he discovered that the cigars were perfect as well as the Humidor. Thus he called the DM Humidors, the "Noah's Ark" of Humidors! 

The DM logo is engraved on the top of this beautiful piece, magnets hold the lid on, Spanish Cedar bottom lining, DM Golden Star logo attached to front. Two Moveable dividers allows space for a DM Cigar Cutter 

Film by: Dieter Rauter Productions

Size: 8.5" x 6" x  x 3"
Model number: 90020

 Includes Two Daniel Marshall 70% Humidity Stabilizers. Additional Stabilizers can be ordered on this shop.  ALL HUMIDORS COME WITH A FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Daniel Marshall has been making top rated Humidors since 1982. Please see more info at


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